Ode A – Verse 14: [bw_dash lightbulb] You decide

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You decide

I've not got time to list the rest
like BuddyPress and Beta Test

But what I really do suggest
is "contribute what you do best"

[bw_link buddypress.org]

  • [bw_link make.wordpress.org/core/handbook/beta-testing]
  • [bw_dash admin-tools] [bw_link make.wordpress.org/core/handbook/automated-testing]
  • [bw_dash universal-access] [bw_link make.wordpress.org/accessibility]
  • [bw_dash groups] [bw_link make.wordpress.org/community]
  • [bw_dash networking] [bw_link make.wordpress.org/meta]
  • [bw_dash welcome-learn-more] [bw_link make.wordpress.org/training]
  • [bw_dash admin-plugins] [bw_link make.wordpress.org/plugins]
  • [bw_dash book] Handbooks: [bw_link developer.wordpress.org/plugins]

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