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About oik plugins

vsgloik is the developer of the oik suite of plugins. There are now over 50 plugins to choose from supporting small to medium businesses, web designers and web developers.

oik plugins

July 13, 2016

The following sites are now redirected to the most up to date versions on, and have therefore been deleted from

Original site redirects to

Note: Updated in Feb 2017. All sites now migrated to wp-a2z.

oik squeeze page WordPress plugin v0.2.0227

Version 0.2.0227 of the oik-squeeze WordPress plugin is now installed and activated on

Use this plugin as part of your marketing.

Create your valuable content in an “Opted-In” page and only allow access to visitors who enter (and optionally confirm via double opt-in) their name and email address.

This plugin is different from others… visitors to your site do not become users. They become contacts.